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Protec Power Solution is an experienced and a leading lightning protection, surge protection, grounding solutions and consulting company that able to provide a full solution for your lightning and surge related issues. We will be able to provide our customer with cost effective solutions related to the lightning, surge and grounding issues.

Well equipped with specialised tools, equipments, instrumentation and facilities to provide services not limited only for scope of supplies but also project management, design, installation, audit, survey, inspection, maintainance and troubleshooting work.

In Protec Power Solution, we believe our personnel is the "heart beat" for our company. With supports from our dedicated profesionals we may provide our clients with above par services.

Our other areas of services includes:
» Site Inspection
» Consultancy
» Engineering and Design
» Project Management
» Installations
» Products Supplies
» Testing
» Technology and training seminars

In Protec Power Solution, we believe that experience and also compliance to relevant standards and requirements are the key for providing total solutions to our clients.

Standard Reference :
» IEC 62305 : Volume I,II,III,IV
» BS EN 62305 : Volume I,II,III,IV
» BS 6651 : 1999
» PTS 20.083
» NFPA 77
» NFPA 780
» LPI 175
» C 17 102
» UL 467
» UL 96A
» NFC 17-102
» UNE 21186
» ICS 29.020; 29.240.10

Our basic concept to provide a total solutions to our clients is divided into 3 stages.
» Stage I : Grounding and Earthing
» Stage II : Surge and Transient
» Stage III : Lightning Termination
» Stage IIV : Safety

Concept and our methodology are able to be applied in almost any application in which are not limited to :
» Residential (Single Storey, Terrace, Bunglo, Condominium and etc)
» Commercial (Factory, Manufacturing,
» Energy (Solar farm, Photovoltaic System, Generation and Transmission)
» Oil and Gas, and Petrochemical
» Telecomunication
» Data Center
» Goverment and Educations

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Disclaimer: Protec Power Solutions shall not be liable for errors due to printing and online contents. The content of data sheets and products specifications may change as the company is always in the process of improving the products and marketing material.