Maintenance : Oxide Inhibiting Compound

Thomas & Betts Contax™ Oxide Inhibiting Compound, 4-Oz, CTB, BlackBurn
Cable Prep Compounds : Oxide Inhibiting Compound
Protects all electrical connections.
Contents 4 fluid Ounces.

Thomas and Betts offers the CTB Contax™ Oxide inhibiting compound. This cable preparation compound is a non-water soluble, non-petroleum based polymer grease that seals electrical connections from oxygen and moisture. Packaged in a four ounce plastic bottle, it is non-toxic and will not irritate the skin.

Oxide inhibiting compound is designed to prevent galvanic corrosion and to enhance connection in electrical joints.

The compound inhibitor is a non-water soluble, natural-petroleum based polymer grease that seals electrical connections from oxygen and moisture. Can be used at any interface between different metals to prevent oxide build up. 4oz Plastic Bottle.

» Seals electrical connections from oxygen and moisture.
» Non-water soluble, non-petroleum based polymer grease.
» Non-toxic, will not irritate the skin.
» Service temperature to 460ºF can be applied in 0ºF weather.
» 4 Oz Bottle

» Oxide Inhibiting Compound
» Protects Electrical Connectors
» Lowers Electrical Resistance
» High quality general use non-melting, non-petroleum base compound
» Specifically designed to prevent oxidation and corrosion of aluminium, copper, tin and steel
» Works over a wide temperature range, sealing out moisture and air, while having little or no effect on rubber and most other insulating materials
» Easiest clean‐up with soap and water.

» Grounding System
» Electrical Connections
» Protect electrical termination from corrosion
» Corrosion prune areas

» Wire brush the bare conductor of abrade with emery cloth. This may be done through a coating of CONTAX™ or immediately before applying CONTAX™
» Apply a liberal coating of CONTAX™to both the cleaned conductor and conductor contact surfaces of the connector.
» Insert conductors into the connector and secure per manufacturer's instructions.
» Wipe off any access CONTAX™ compound.

Model #: CTB

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