Data & Signal Surge Protection

Data Protector selection Guide
Step 1: know the connector type, input and output
Step 2: Know the operating voltage and then select the suffix Letter -E ...etc
Step 3: better to know the client application

Code Clamping Voltage Application
E 7.5V RS422, RS423, RS485, Ethernet and most LAN
T 18V RS232, Token Ring, Digital, 4-20mA current loop
A 27V Arcnet, Analog, 4-20mA current loop
B Fused 60V Analog, Leased Line Telco
G Fused 240V DSL, Dial Up Telco Line
Cat 5 12V Cat 5, Cat 5e
Cat 6 7.5V Cat 6

1. You also can use the clamping voltage as a reference for other application.
2. If you do not know the application, you can find the data as follows:
   a) Connector type
   b) Clamping voltage or system operating voltage

Model Available:
» ProCLP - Coxial Line Protector
» ProCCP - Coaxial & Power Protector
» ProPOE - Power Over Ethernet (POE) Protector
» ProDIN - Modular Low Voltage Power Surge
» ProRJP - RJ11 and RJ45 Twisted Pair Interfaces
» ProRSP - RS Interface Protector
» ProAGP/ProAQP - Gas Discharge Tube and Quarter Wave Protector
» ProTSP - Terminal Strip Protector

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