Point Dissipation Terminal (PDT)

ProPDT is the latest design in lightning dissipation Technology. Extensive research show that Protec Point Dissipation Terminals (PDT), and the structure on which they are installed, are much less likely to attract a direct lightning strike than uprotected structures or structures with traditional lightning protection systems.

    Point Dissipation Terminals have been designed with the integration of static charge     neutralization technology. The terminal tip has an engineered bokeh of stainless steel     antistatic strands that neutralize any charge as soon as it forms at the tip of the strand.     As a result, a cloud of ions forms around the PDT terminals. This charged cloud of ions     inhibits the formation of any streamers from the PDT terminal by shielding it from the     downward leaders. A single PDT terminal not only inhibits the formation of streamers at it's     own tip but also from any object located immidiately below the terminal.

The PDT terminals are installed as per the IEC 62305 Level-1 lightning protection design recommendations.

» High grade stainless steel terminal points
» Available in aluminum, copper and stainless steel mast
» Lightweight and easy to install
» Corrosion resistant
» UL© Listed and recommended as per API 2003

» Monopoles, high mast lighting, and externally mounted cameras
» Communication towers, bridges, petro-chemical storage facilities, and


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